There’s a Love You need to plant in my heart That will not just bear shoot, but also deep roots. A tree with height above my stature, Older than the foundations of the earth. Uproot the weeds that seek to cause withering. Water with Your Grace. Tend with Your Word. Bless with Your Breath of […]

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The Bridge.

She was at the end of the rope. Or should she say in between. In the loop she created for herself, which was now strung round her neck about to sap life out. Her hands clung tightly to the metal of the Three-way Bridge, its faded coating creating stains on the simple white dress that […]

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Credere -Believe.

We will soar beyond heights from which our dreams grew, The platform we stretch to hold on to. With a smile of fortune, it will be a bouncing coaster; Shooting us up and beyond, never to return. We see the sea-sand of opportunities, And try to learn the keeping of these in a fist, such […]

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So what is this COVID-19? What’s with the little giant’s name on the lips of just about everyone? Such that it has become quite a famous fellow. Pardon, infamous fellow. Quickly, let’s run through some facts, things I am certain you have come across with the vast number of videos, news, pdfs and whatever one […]